Proceeding book 2023

The whole edition was held from June 26 to June 30, 2023 at HE-Arc, HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

3 days with pre-confrencence activity :
– A workshop day ‘Serious games’ ;
– A workshop day ‘Gamification’ ;
– A networking day with ‘Speed Networking’ and ‘Roundtable’ ;

A Two-day confrencence onsite with 6 Sessions and 6 Keynote Speaker.


Stéphane Gobron

Speech A1

Fabio Solari | A Serious Game for the Assessment of Social Apathy

Speech A2

Huwiler Ariana | Herzfroh2.0: Sexuality Education through a Narrative Serious Game

Speech A3

Bai Hua ​| Happy Heart: A Game about Healthy Lifestyles for Nepalese Teenagers

Speech A4

Lemaire Vincent ​| Human Emotions and Learning Life-savingSkills

Keynote Speaker 1

Aubry Jean-Denis – Rusch Emmanuel | Ethical and Pedagogical Reflections around SGs in Therapeutic Education of Adult Patients

Speech B6

Amresh Ashish​ | Covid Vaccine Game for Teens

Speech B7

Dini Sarah | Co-creation of serious games to acquire a professional skill

Speech B8

Rekik Yassin Aziz | Glasgow Coma Scale Simulator

Speech B9

Gobron Stéphane | Gamifying the End-of-life project with 3D rendering

Keynote Speaker 2

Szantner Attila – Waldispühl Jérôme | Paradigm Shift in Citizen Science: Videogame Payer Helping Researcher

Speech C11

Morard Simon | Geome from design to subjective XP in a museum

Speech C12

Gulkova Mariia | Time Travellers

Speech C13

Rochat Yannick | Lausanne 1830: “Histoires de Registre”

Speech C14

Hamidi Madani Narges | In My Time of Loss

Speech C15

Morard Simon | AL2049, a Playful Museum’s Visit to Grasp the Issues of Complexity

Keynote Speaker 3

Nocerino Federica | The Power of Gamification: Lowering Barriers to Technical Learning and Increasing Diversity in the Tech Sector

Speech D17

Héritier Aurélien | Intelligame

Speech D18

Pustulka Elzbieta | Learning Java Loops and Control Structures by Moving a Ladybird

Speech D19

Larouziere Cedric | Learnie

Speech D20

Von Ritter-Zahony Bilijana Petreska | The biases of artificial intelligence

Keynote Speaker 4

Michelucci Pietro | The Role of Gamification in the Emerging Thinking Economy

Speech E22

Robert Thomas​ | How to kill your Island

Speech E23

Périllaud Faustine​ | Bard

Speech E24

Castella Jérôme​ | Powerplay

Speech E25

Bollinger Dominique​ | EcoGestes

Keynote Speaker 5

Jaccard Dominique | Designing Effective Serious Games

Keynote F27

Cirilli Simon | Driving Theory Test Learner

Speech F28

Monaco Pierre-Benjamin​ | The Negotiator

Speech F29

Joos Patrick | Exergame Cloud Platform -Decoupling Input Devices from Games

Speech F30

Lopez Sergio | Enhancing Gamification within an Online Brainstorming Tool

Keynote Speaker 6

Boschma Doris | The Design Process of the Rotbeesten?! (Rotten Beasts?!)


Stéphane Gobron


Best paper

Rekik Yassin Aziz

HEPIA, Geneva, Switzerland

Glasgow Coma Scale Simulator


Best talk

Von Ritter-Zahony Bilijana Petreska

HEP Vaud, Lausanne, Switzerland

The biases of artificial intelligence


Best innovation idea

Lopez Sergio

HES-SO Master, Lausanne, Switzerland

Enhancing Gamification within an Online Brainstorming Tool


Best student contribution

Morard Simon

UniGe, Geneva, Switzerland

Geome from design to subjective XP in a museum

AL2049, a Playful Museum’s Visit to Grasp the Issues of Complexity


Wednesday, June 28 : Roundtable

Thursday, June 29 : Conference Day 1

Friday, June 30 : Conference Day 2