Proceeding book 2016

GSGS 2016 entitled Why So Serious, was held in Neuchâtel, on July 4 & 5, as part of the Imaging the Future (NIFFF) symposium,

GSGS’16 speeches

Important note: speeches of GSGS can be presented in English, French or German, they are simultaneously translated during the event. However, all posters, speech slides, and short papers must be in English.

GSGS’16 intro speech

Stephane Gobron | Gamification, SG, eLearning, Simulation

Session #1

Chair introduction

René Bauer | “Intro to the Health session​”

Speech #1.1

Yannick Charrotton​ | Leg rehabilitation

Speech #1.2

Yassin Rekik​ | Phobia’s treatment

Speech #1.3

Correia De Oliveira Domingos​ | Emergency situation management

Speech #1.4

Bustamante Vera​ | Occupational health


All health speakers | Silver tech & SGs

Session #2 Training

Session chair introduction

Nabil Ouerhani​, “Education”

Speech #2.1

Philomena Schwab​ | Explaining genetics in class

Speech #2.2

Olivier Delemont​ | Crime scene simulation

Speech #2.3

Stefano Carrino​ | Health life-styles for teenagers

Speech #2.4

Florence Quinche​ | Design & conception for children


Serious Games & Internet of Things​

Session #3 Business expertise

Introduction #1

Yassin Rekik | Social session

Speech #3.1

René Bauer​ | Water sourcing in Tanzania

Speech #3.2

Pierre-Alain Charmillot​ | Accompanying the dying

Speech #3.3

Spyridon Nompilakis​ | Gamification of real life

Speech #3.4

Antonio Iannaccone​ | Dialogical dimension


Serious Games & e-Citizen​


Best GSGS’16 concluding speeches

Nabil Ouerhani | Right place, right time for Gamification