The Gamification and Serious Games Symposium 2021

GSGS’21 aims at becoming a major point of contact between engineers, researchers, and artists concerned by developing innovative tools, media, or interactive works where end-users are stimulated using ludic processes. Its content, i.e. short talks, demos, roundtables, networking, and workshops, produces a dynamic interface between industrial challenges, artistic innovations, and academic research. Privileged partners of this edition are:

  • Innosuisse, Swiss Innovation Agency;
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) :
    • HE-Arc, School of Engineering, Neuchatel ;
    • La Source, School of Nursing, Lausanne ;
  • and NIFFF, Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.

Call for paper GSGS’21

Submission to GSGS’21 click here.

GSGS: an inter-professional opportunity

The GSGS addresses the demand of really user-centered products by fulfilling the needs of the industrial fabric and the applied-research innovation. This annual event backs up the fundamental link between pragmatic academy and economy, at a regional scale for short and dynamic projects as well as at a national or global scale to set up long-term synergies.


Serious Games, Gameful design, game-oriented simulation, and gamification concepts or software applied to:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Society
  • Politics
  • Training
  • Economy
  • Edu-market & Advertising
  • Business expertise
  • Security
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Cinema & Animation
  • Culture
  • Tourism



GSGS’21 allows five type of submissions within two formats (A and B):
A. 1000 chars summaries for:

  • (1) White paper: A position abstract presents an arguable opinion about an issue. The goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that your opinion is valid and worth listening to, without needing to present completed research work and/or validated results;
  • (2) Networking call: A networking call abstract aims to make contact relative to a specific project in a developmental purpose or financial supports;
  • (3) Demo abstract: A demo abstract depicts an actual tested and validated work that will be available onsite for demonstration.

B. Four pages short paper including two illustrations for:

  • (4) Classical article: A classical article proposal has to present a novel project or a former work with at least 30% of novelty – such as extension or new results;
  • (5) Experience sharing article: An experience sharing short paper presents long-terms assessments and analysis of a former project.

Right Time, Right Place For Gamification


The GSGS addresses the demand of really user-centered products by falling within the needs of the industrial fabric and the innovation produced by the applied research. This annual event backs the fundamental relation between pragmatic academy and economy, at a regional scale for short and dynamic projects as well as at a national or global scale to set up long-term synergies.

Concept of industrial gamification

The main idea consists in answering the real needs of the user by making him responsible for the professional process he masters while enhancing his efforts and his successes but also backing him up in his issues.
So, the GSGS presents tangible ideas that underline the real potential of a ludic approach to take up technical and serious challenges. This event, which brings together lots of different and varied fields while being really focused on the user’s needs, is a bridge between universities and firms. The audience will also be asked to take an active part in seminars, workshops, exchange places, round tables and social events along with 60 talks and demos.
Now, thanks to our rich experience with more than 100 national actors – mainly industries and applied research and development institutes -, we open our doors to the world to both enrich ourselves with the universal diversity and to highlight Swiss expertise.

Fields and deployment

This newly international congress focuses on all fields. Health, society, training and rehabilitation, pedagogy remain key topics at GSGS, but others start being represented as well like politics, management, economy, advertising, security, civil engineering and architecture, cinema, culture and tourism.

GSGS takes place during three days, but is also a lasting event with:

  • 1 website with all the documents, activities and archives;
  • 1 qualitative journal, now recognized and asked for;
  • more than 100 online videos of all interventions.


Three committees

  • an international reviewing committee (> 50 people) which ensures quality;
  • an executive committee made up of 6 people, including a president;
  • an administrative committee: general management, website, archives, design, edition, printing, English-level guarantee.

Main partners


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