GSGS´17: an inter-professional opportunity for the Swiss industry

This event has the unique opportunity to bring multiple applied universities, pure academic and pure industrial worlds from all Switzerland all together on a common high potential ground: Serious Games and gamification. As illustrated in the following figure, the symposium public will mainly be composed of professionals, hobbyists, and students.



Serious Games, Gameful design, game oriented simulation, and gamification concepts or software applied to:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Social
  • Political
  • Training
  • Economy
  • Edu-market & Advertising
  • Business expertise


All speakers of accepted papers and/or demo will receive a free pass to all GSGS´17 sessions and NIFFF extended manifestation. 🙂



  • Short Paper — a ten minutes presentation of an innovative project/idea/concept within dedicated sessions;
  • Demo & poster — demonstration of a prototype/project/game within the exhibition room.



Important note: speeches of GSGS can be presented in English, French or German, they are simultaneously translated during the event. However, all posters, speech slides, and short papers must be in English.

Right Time, Right Place For Gamification


Game and Serious Game (SG) industry experience an exponential growth, almost all over the world, but not everywhere. Indeed, the state of Game production in Switzerland has a long way to go in order to catch up with countries such as the USA, France or the Netherlands. More specifically, the Swiss SGs industry suffers, consequently, from the lack of an ecosystem that stimulates a sustainable growth. Nevertheless, recent initiatives are giving very promising signals towards setting up major cornerstones. The most important signal is coming from the national parliament where a motion is being discussed to define a Swiss Federal Council policy which will stimulate the Swiss gaming industry development. Other initiatives like Game Culture and Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA website) are also contributing to the development of this promising industry. Moreover, Switzerland has all necessary ingredients to assume a rapid development of this sector. The Swiss education system produces highly qualified designers, engineers and entrepreneurs who can carry out these strategies.

Based on this promising ground, Gamification and Serious Game Symposium (GSGS) intends to reinforce the national and regional effort and initiatives to increase the maturity and the visibility of the Swiss Serious Game industry.

Theme & objectives

As stated on the first paper of the 2016 proceedings, we believe that the SGs have a tremendous market potential in our country, which will become a highly relevant lever to boost the Swiss game industry growth. Several sectors like watchmaking, banking, healthcare, education are showing great interest in using the SG paradigm. GSGS is an initiative whose goal is the visibility and notoriety of SG at a national level. This first edition represents an important landmark in the Swiss SG landscape. It will set the cornerstone of a long journey to promote SGs in Switzerland. Indeed, the GSGS enables the following:

Corresponding consortium and symposium board committee — the symposium has been a good reason and opportunity to bring together influential players in the field of SG. Composed of academic and industrial actors, the consortium will define a roadmap to promote SGs by different means. National and international symposiums and workshops are a way to gather researchers, game experts, art designers and stakeholders and stimulate the exchange of experience. Bachelor and Master courses will be the lever to prepare skills that will create tomorrow’s Serious Games in Switzerland. Developing the field of SGs and gamification implies a subtle balance of various disciplines: computer science, Software Engineering, art & design, user-centered design, education & pedagogy. The GSGS board committee consists therefore of the following members: SG & computer graphics, software engineering & user-centered design, pedagogy & gaming, augmented & virtual reality, several game design, and special effects experts. Our intention is to be open for collaboration and exchange with other national consortium.

Review committee — the review committee that has been set up for the first GSGS edition to check the submitted papers will act as the technical core team who will define the content and the future technical directions of the symposiums and workshops. It will also act as the ambassador of the GSGS at the international level. Its participation to other international conferences and the GSGS activity diffusion is contributing to the notoriety of our symposium and consortium.

Cantonal representation — given Switzerland federal structure, we should also be active at the cantonal scale to advertise the SG initiatives to the cantonal government. It is of paramount importance to create local acceptance of national initiatives through regional and local projects. The Interreg or LPR (« loi sur la politique régionale », i.e. regional policy law) are good instruments to achieve this goal.

National representation — our ambition is to federate a national representation and be recognized as a key player in the field of SGs. Therefore, we plan to actively extend the GSGS network by making the link from universities of applied sciences to pure academic universities (and EPFs) and Swiss companies.


In the following decade, the average player’s age for regular video and computer game should drastically increase (especially with the young adults — 55~65 y.o. — as new potential key players). The majority of the world population in general and of the Swiss population in particular will be regular game players. This evolution represents a huge opportunity to use games as a medium in a large variety of domains, ranging from education to healthcare. We are clearly at the verge of SGs and gamification golden age.

Switzerland must now take this one life time chance and define a clear strategy to embrace these new opportunities. It is also the right time for SG actors and communities to intensify the promotion actions and activities. We strongly believe that this GSGS has the purpose of mobilizing local communities and impulse a certain dynamic, necessary to the creation of a stimulating Swiss SGs Ecosystem.