Proceeding book 2019

GSGS 2019 was held in Neuchâtel, on July 4 & 5, as part of the NIFFF Extended

Welcoming & Intro speech

Stéphane Gobron

Philippe Grize

Anais Emery

Education & Learning (24 September 2020)

Speech #1.1

Claire-Lise Favre | Escape addict

Speech #1.2

Francesco Carrino | Virtual Reality Bus Simulator for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Speech #1.3

Sebastian Imbach | ANI: How to turn a muscle into a motivating character

Speech #1.4

Kevyn Eva Norton | Shadow’s Edge – Building Resilience through Mobile Gaming

Art, Culture & Tourism

Speech #2.1

Mélissa Monnier | PfuQs

Speech #2.2

Mela Kocher | games@museums – immersive game design for the museum context

Speech #2.3

Johan Jaquet, Loïc Hans | YAPASPHOTO : Promoting regional public transport and tourism with a board game

Speech #2.4

Maria Sisto | St-Ursanne. Circuit Secret

Keynote #1

Joris Berda | Volkswagen’s Gamified Loyalty Program

Keynote #2

Björn Berg Marklund | Working with Serious Games: Surviving between Unstoppable Forces and Immovable Objects

Economy, Business and Politics

Speech #3.1

Ela Pustulka | A Game Teaching Population Based Optimization using Teaching Learning Based Optimization

Speech #3.2

Alice H. Aubert | Gamifying to empower citizens in environmental decision-making

Speech #3.3

Marikit Taylor, Dan Meyer | Discover the world of BFM through role-playing games

Speech #3.4

Sylvie Chatelain | Knitting the chaussethic: to promote ethical reflection and team communication

Speech #3.3

Cyrille Ghiste, Laurent Terraz | COMM’IMPRO; teaching techniques. concepts and tips to increase your oral presentation skills

Questions & discussion

Julien Schekter


Speech 4.1

Megann Stephan | UCLOE

Speech #4.2

Maud Plumettaz-Sieber, Jarle Hulaas | Co-design of a serious game for computing education

Speech #4.3

Ghofran Akil | Unresolved

Speech #4.4

Sophie Walker | Museum Tales: A Journey into the Dutch Golden Age

Health II

Speech #5.1

Florent Gluck | FunSpeech: promoting speech production in young children with hearing disabilities

Speech #5.2

Richard Wetzel, Tobias Kreienbühl | Prototyping a Virtual Reality Game to Support Breathing Exercises for Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis

Speech #5.3

Sylvain Cardin, Mouna Cerra Cheraka | Bringing people in retirement homes together with computer games

Speech #5.4

Nicolas Wenk | Breathing Games – A free/libre/open source initiative to create open content on respiratory health

Keynote #3

Mattia Thibault | ReClaim – critical design and punk gamification in the urban environment

Keynote #4

Stefan Göbel | SG4Mobility – Serious Games and Gamification Principles for Environment-friendly Mobility Behavior

Session #4, Education and Training

Speech #6.1

Dominique Truchot-Cardot | Playmobil® toys in nursing Bachelor. the best way to encourage integrative learning: Amazing ?

Speech #4.2

Dominique Jaccard, Jarle Hulaas | Media Serious Game – a serious game as an introduction to HES studies

Speech #6.3

Benoit Le Callennec, Amin Kasimov | Pantheon: Major historical figures summarized into small & fun to play cards for children

Speech #6.4

Phil Lopes | MRI and I: How I am learning to design games for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine”

Speech #6.5

Ralf Mauerhofer | Guidelines for an iterative workflow between researchers and game developers

Conclusion and Awards

GSGS’19 Award Winners

Best student contribution

Ghofran Akil | HEAD, HES-SO | Unresolved

Best GSGS’19 contribution

Mélissa Monnier | HEAD, HES-SO | PfuQs

Best GSGS’19 demo

Florent Gluck | HEPIA, HES-SO | FunSpeech: promoting speech production in young children with hearing disabilities