Proceeding book 2022

The whole edition was held from June 29 to July 1, 2022 at HEPIA, HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland.

A day with pre-confrencence activity :
– A workshop ‘Serious games & Gamification for Industry’ ;
– A tutorial ‘Introduction to Unity Game Engine’ ;
A Two-day confrencence onsite with 6 Sessions, 5 Keynote Speaker and 2 Roundtables.

Speech A1

Johan Jaquet | PBI – The Game: A cooperative game on the
protection of human rights defenders

Speech A2

Loïc Hans | Showcasing game prototypes designed during
the Serious Games Generalist program

Speech A3

Olivier Reutenauer​| “Let’s Help together”: am I serious?

Speech B4

Steve Berberat​ | A Serious game for firms to reduce ecological
footprint by using Information System

Speech B5

Ela Pustulka | Extending SQL Scrolls to Teach SQL DML

Speech B6

Xavier Wilain | Contrast of students’ emotional engagement
during game-based learning

Keynote Speaker 1

Fabio Solari | How interaction modalities affect serious games and exergames efficacy

Keynote Speaker 2

Bettina Schneider | Gamification to support data protection awareness in small businesses

Speech C9

Fabio Solari | A Web-Based Framework for the Management
of VR/AR Multi-Platform Exergames

Speech C10

Dominique C. de Oliveira​ | PRITS: A serious game for Law Education

Keynote Speaker 3

Jonathan Lessard | Natural Language Interaction for Games and Gamification

Roundtable #1

Julien Schekter | Industry Adoption of Gamification and Serious Games: How to Take Action?

Speech D13

Fabien Degoumois | Virtual Escape Game as part of a Bachelor’s
and Master’s degree finance course

Speech D14

Thibault Asselborn | Dynamilis: the app that helps 5-12-year‑old
children improve their handwriting​

Speech D15

Ariel Cortes | APP CODIFICIO 2.0

Speech D16

Marine Capallera | Virtual Reality Simulator Training for Teenagers with Intellectual Disabilities

Speech E17

Janina Woods​ | Sarnetz: Raising awareness about CO₂ neutrality in a collaborative serious game

Speech E18

Eliane Zihlmann​ | “BATVISION” Experiential Learning through Virtual Reality

Speech E19

Mathis Ebner​ | “The Thief of Homburg”, a game combining archeology with modern game design to convey Swiss cultural sites.

Keynote Speaker 4

Douglas Edric Stanley | Expanded Games

Keynote Speaker 5

Pascal Maeder & Urbanoid development team | x-ode: urban rendezvous through mixed reality

Keynote F22

Olga Reinauer | Chemicastle: helping students to understand the structure-property relationship

Speech F23

Swann Puig​ | LusTra (Ludique in French, sorting Trash in English)

Speech F24

Yassin Rekik | Professional Training via Gamified Augmented Reality Application​

Roundtable 2

Julien Schekter |Gamification & Serious games into the Metaverse


Stéphane Gobron & Yassin Rekik


Best paper

Janina Woods​

HSLU, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Sarnetz: Raising awareness about CO₂ neutrality in a collaborative serious game


Best speech

Eliane Zihlmann​

ZHDK, Zurich University of the Arts, Zürich, Switzerland

“BATVISION” Experiential Learning through Virtual Reality


Best student contribution

Thibault Asselborn

EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Dynamilis: the app that helps 5-12-year‑old children improve their handwriting