Submission 2021

GSGS’2021 will now accept the following formats:

  • 1000 chars summaries for:
    • “White paper”: concepts/ideas without implementation;
    • “Networking call”: describing an ongoing project looking for support such as partners or financing;
    • “Demo abstract”: illustrating a demo that will be presented onsite;
  • 4 pages short paper including 2 illustrations for:
    • “Classical article”: depicting novel work or project;
    • “Experience sharing article”: post project assessment, analysis, evaluation and/or feedback;

     and/or “Demo and corresponding poster”  

    All papers and speeches must be presented in English.   

    If accepted, Edition and publication fee is: 


    Submission for ‘White paper’, ‘Networking call’ or ‘Demo abstract’ here

    Submission for ‘Classical article’ or ‘Experience sharing article’ here