Proceeding book 2018

GSGS 2018 was held in Neuchâtel, on July 5 & 6, as part of the NIFFF Extended ,

GSGS´18 speeches

Important note: speeches of GSGS can be presented in English, French or German, they are simultaneously translated during the event. However, all posters, speech slides, and short papers must be in English.

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GSGS´18 intro speech, Stephane Gobron, “Welcoming & Intro speech”,


Vera Bustomante, “Health & Silver Techno” chair introduction

Speech #1.1, Antje Horsch, “Development of an early intervention to prevent posttraumatic stress symptoms”,PDFVideo

Speech #1.2, Christophe Bolinhas, “First steps towards a virtual coach within a SG to prevent MSD”,PDFVideo

Speech #1.3, Francesco Carrino, “IMPACT – A Serious Game in Virtual and Augmented Reality to Enhance Mirror Therapy”,PDF Video

Speech #1.4, Kevin Rosianu, “Aristotle. Move & learn”,PDFVideo

Speech #1.5, Vincent Lemaire, “Introduction to cardiopulmonary resuscitation in virtual reality (VR) actions that save”,PDF Video

Speech #1.6, Maria Sisto, “Virtual Reality puzzle game
for Musculoskeletal disorders prevention”,PDF Video


Sandy Ingram, “Architecture & Urbanism” session chair introduction

Speech #2.7, Raphael Chevailler, “A Serious Game in Mixed Reality
Toward Urban Network Development”,PDF Video

Speech #2.8, Vanessa De Luca, “Social Power App: encouraging energy saving behaviour through play, learning and social interaction”,PDF Video

Speech #2.9, Tobias Koppeler, “Vistom, virtual studios, tools and methods”,PDF Video

Speech #2.10, Pierre-Nicolas Carron, “Gamified-ED3D project”,PDF Video

Roundtable #2, All architecture & urbanism sessions speakers and chairs, Video


Bruno Herbelin, “Economy & Ecology” session chair introduction

Speech #3.11, Mela Kocher, “Save the Water! Serious Game for Water Management of Chinese Farmers”,PDF Video

Speech #3.12, Yassin Aziz Rekik, “Augmented Reality for Context Gamification: Escape Rooms as examples”,PDF Video

Speech #3.13, Antoine Widmer, “Gamification in Tourism, an analysis of needs and expectations”,PDF Video

Speech #3.14, Shékina Rochat, “Career Counseling Interventions with Video Game Players”,PDF Video

Speech #3.15, Antoine Widmer, “Pearl Arbor, a Serious Game for Anthropocene Awareness”,PDF Video

Roundtable #3, All economy & ecology sessions speakers and chairs, Video

Invited interactive talk #1, Vincent Bourquin, “Gordon Bennett gas balloon 2D and 3D-Game”,PDF Video


Dragika Kahlina, “Education & Training” session chair introduction

Speech #4.16, Megann Stephan, “Les Chroniques d’Ana”,PDF Video

Speech #4.17, Ludivine Marquis, “ArcheoGame – A Serious Game in the field of Archeology”,PDF Video

Speech #4.18, Frédéric Fischer, “HapticBikeTraining Project”,PDF Video

Speech #4.19, Sidney Bovet, “Adapting to typing in VR with a Serious Game”,PDF Video

Speech #4.20, Ivan Gulizia, “How to create a video game on paper during workshop dedicated to videoludic expression?”,PDF Video

Speech #4.21, Gregory Vauthier, “Serious visual novel game in history class: what learning?”,PDF Video

Roundtable #4, All education & training session speakers and chair, Video

Invited interactive talk #2, Frédéric Thys, “Virtual reality, gamification and serious games:missing link in learning emergency medicine?”,PDF Video


Mela Kocher, “Social & Politics” session chair introduction<

Speech #5.22, Florence Quinche, “A game to prevent racism against Rroma people”,PDF Video

Speech #5.23, Mathilde Buenerd, “Optimized Talk: what future for digital personal assistants in the communication field?”,PDF Video

Speech #5.24, Bettina Wegenast, “Bringing people in retirement homes together with computer games”,PDF Video

Speech #5.25, Vanessa De Luca, “Learning from the reality: InLife game-based scenarios for sustainable and inclusive behaviours”,PDF Video

Speech #5.26, Tabea Iseli, “Bayhem – An off-the-wall look at games with purpose”,PDF Video

Roundtable #5, All social & politics speakers & chairs, Video

Invited interactive talk #3, Ariane Wunderli, “LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® – Play with a purpose”,PDF VideoPart1 VideoPart2

GSGS´18 conclusion

Conclusion and Awards

GSGS’18 Award Winners

  • Best student contribution
    • Ivan Gulizia | HEAD, HES-SO | “How to create a video game on paper during workshop dedicated to videoludic expression?”
  • Best GSGS’18 contribution
    • Bettina Wegenast | Fabelfabrik GmbH | “Bringing people in retirement
      homes together with computer games”
  • Best GSGS’18 demo
    • Vincent Lemaire | Be! Rescuer | “Introduction to cardiopulmonary resuscitation in virtual reality (VR) actions that save”