Program & Committees

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Workshop program

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Conference program

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Day#1Thursday July 4, 2019
08h00 - 08h30Café/croissant - Proceedings & program
08h30 - 9h00Welcoming & intro speech
Session 1Health IFrederic EhrlerDemo slot #1
09h05 - 09h151Escape addictClaire-Lise Favre
09h20 - 09h302Virtual Reality Bus Simulator for Young Adults with Intellectual DisabilitiesFrancesco Carrino
09h35 - 09h453ANI: How to turn a muscle into a motivating characterSebastian Imbach
09h50 - 10h004Shadow's Edge - Building Resilience through Mobile GamingKevyn Eva Norton
10h00 - 10h20break
Session 2Art, Culture and Tourism
10h25 - 10h355PfuQsMélissa Monnier
10h40 - 10h506games@museums - immersive game design for the museum contextMela Kocher
10h55 - 11h057YAPASPHOTO : Promoting regional public transport and tourism with a board gameJohan Jaquet
11h10 - 11h208St-Ursanne. Circuit SecretMaria Sisto
11h20 - 11h40break
11h40 - 12h40Key Notes 1
12h40 - 14h00lunch break & general demo
14h00 - 15h00Key Note 2
Session 3Economy, Business and PoliticsDemo slot #2
15h05 - 15h159A Game Teaching Population Based Optimization using Teaching Learning Based OptimizationEla Pustulka
15h20 - 15h3010Gamifying to empower citizens in environmental decision-makingAlice H. Aubert
15h35 - 15h4511Discover the world of BFM through role-playing gamesMarikit Taylor
15h50 - 16h0012Knitting the chaussethic: to promote ethical reflection and team communicationSylvie Chatelain
16h05 - 16h1513COMM'IMPRO; teaching techniques. concepts and tips to increase your oral presentation skillsCyrille Ghiste
16h15 - 16h35break
16h35 - 17h35Round Table 1
17h35 - 18h00Conclusions of Day #1
Important informations
Day#2Friday July 5, 2019
08h30 - 08h45Café/croissant - Proceedings & program
Session 4StudentsJeanPhilippe SangaréDemo slot #3
08h50 - 09h0014UCLOEMegann Stephan
09h05 - 09h1515Co-design of a serious game for computing educationMaud Plumettaz-Sieber
09h20 - 09h3016UnresolvedGhofran Akil
09h35 - 09h4517Museum Tales: A Journey into the Dutch Golden AgeSophie Walker
09h45 - 10h10break
Session 5Health IIPierre-Nicolas Carron
10h15 - 10h2518FunSpeech: promoting speech production in young children with hearing disabilitiesFlorent Gluck
10h30 - 10h4019Prototyping a Virtual Reality Game to Support Breathing Exercises for Treatment of Cystic FibrosisRichard Wetzel
10h45 - 10h5520Gamification to improve adherence of home-based activities offered on a tablet to seniorsSylvain Cardin
11h00 - 11h1021Breathing Games – A free/libre/open source initiative to create open content on respiratory healthNicolas Wenk
11h10 - 11h30break
11h30 - 12h30Key Notes 3
12h30 - 13h30lunch break & general demo
13h30 - 14h30Key Note 4
Session 6Education and TrainingNathalie JunodDemo slot #4
14h35 - 14h4522Playmobil® toys in nursing Bachelor. the best way to encourage integrative learning: Amazing ?Dominique Truchot-Cardot
14h50 - 15h0023Media Serious Game - a serious game as an introduction to HES studiesDominique Jaccard
15h05 - 15h1524PANTHEON: major historical figures summarized into small & fun to play cards for childrenBenoit Le Callennec
15h20 - 15h3025MRI and I: How I am learning to design games for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging MachinePhil Lopes
15h35 - 15h4526Guidelines for an iterative workflow between researchers and game developersRalf Mauerhofer
15h45 - 16h15break
16h15 - 17h45Round Table 2
17h45 - 18h00break
18h00 - 18h30Reward & conference conclusions
19h00 - 21h00Social event: GSGS´19 official toast & cocktail @ the official VIP site ( ONLY FOR SPEAKERS, CHAIRS, and STAFF members )

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GSGS 2019 PROGRAM committee

  • Bauer, René, head of Master Program Game Design, Game Lab, Zurich University of Arts, ZHDK, Zürich
  • Boulic, Ronan, CG & VR specialist, head of the Immersive Interaction Group (IIG), EPFL, Lausanne
  • Bustamante, Vera, Occupational health, CHUV, Lausanne
  • Cardin, Sylvain, virtual reality project manager, MindMaze, Lausanne
  • Carrino, Francesco, Lecturer and PostDoc Researcher, HEIA-FR, hes-so, Fribourg
  • Carrino, Stefano, serious game expert, CS Dept, HE-Arc, hes-so, Fribourg & Neuchâtel
  • Correia De Oliveira, Domingos, emergency expert, Health domain, HE-Arc, hes-so, Neuchâtel
  • Charrotton, Yannick, CTO Lambda Health System, LHS S.A., Yverdon-les-Bains
  • Didier, John, head of Teaching and Research Unit Didactics of Art and Technology, HEP-VD, Lausanne
  • Fisher, Frédéric, head of the Academie de Meuron school of visual arts , Academie de Meuron, Neuchâtel
  • Gobron, Stéphane, head of the Image Processing & Computer Graphics group, HE-Arc, hes-so, Neuchâtel
  • Gordan, Savicic, professor and design expert, HEAD, Geneva, HSLU, Luzern, CAOCAO Studio
  • Herbelin, Bruno,  Center for Neuroprosthetics Deputy Director, EPFL, Lausanne
  • Iannaccone, Antonio, full professor, Institute of psychology and education; UniNE, Neuchâtel
  • Kahlina, Dragica, Lecturer for Digital Ideation, HSLU – Informatik, Rotkreuz
  • Kocher, Mela, research associate, senior researcher, Department of Interaction/Game Design, Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich
  • Kunz, Beat, Founder, Game Designer & Software Engineer bei Fusion-Robot,, Zurich
  • Lauria, Michel, head of the Robotics Laboratory, hepia, hes-so, Geneva
  • Marquis, Ludivine, conservative dept Archeology, NMB Nouveau Musée Bienne, Bienne
  • Mathieu, Alexia, head of Master Media Design, HEAD, hes-so, Geneva
  • Monti, Massimo, head of partnerships and industrial valorisation, HE-Arc, hes-so, Neuchâtel
  • Mugellini, Elena, head of Technology for Human Well-being Institute, HEIA-FR, hes-so, Fribourg
  • Quinche, Florence, expert in the field of Pedagogy applied to Video Game, HEP-VD, Lausanne
  • Ouerhani, Nabil, head of the Interaction Technologies group, HE-Arc, hes-so, Neuchâtel
  • Rekik, Yassin, expert in augmented and virtual reality, hepia, hes-so, Geneva
  • Reutenauer, Olivier, project manager, Digital Kingdom, Vevey
  • Rossetti, Samuel, expert art & graphics, Contreforme CO., NIFFF, Neuchâtel
  • Rossel, Jean-Bernard, CTO, TALK-TO-ME, Neuchâtel
  • Salamin, Patrick,  Sr Software Engineer, Logitech, Lausanne
  • Sanchez, Eric, professor, serious games expert, Laboratoire d’innovation pédagogique, UniFR, Fribourg
  • Schaffter, Nicolas, project manager, interface science & société, UNIL, Lausanne
  • Schwab, Philomena, project manager, Stray Fawn Studio, Zürich
  • Tabin, Jean-Pierre, social science expert, EESP, hes-so, Lausanne
  • Truchot-Cardot, Dominique, vice dean of Innovation, Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source, hes-so, Lausanne
  • Vallejo, Vanessa, cognitive aging and Serious Games based rehabilitation expert, ARTORG, UniBern, Bern
  • Wenk, Nicolas, Immersive virtual reality and Serious Games based motor learning and neurorehabilitation, PhD Student, ARTORG Center, Universität Bern, Bern
  • Widmer, Antoine, augmented reality expert, Gestion, HEVS, hes-so, Sierre

GSGS 2019 Executive Committee

    • Carrino, Stefano, HE-Arc, Posters chair
    • Gobron, Stéphane, HE-Arc, General chair & Proceedings chair
    • Kocher, Mela, Zurich University of the Arts, Submission & Guests chair
    • Rekik, Yassin, hepia, Organisation & Programme chair
    • Reutenauer, Olivier, Digital Kingdom, Communication & Publicity chair
    • Rossetti, Samuel, NIFFF, Demo chair
    • Savicic, Gordan, HEAD Genève, HSLU Luzern, Award design chair
    • Widmer, Antoine, HEVS

GSGS AdministratiVE committee

    • Dervaux Duquenne, Agnès, HE-Arc, Archive & Documentation
    • Germann, Christian, Juillerat Chervet SA, Printer
    • Montserrat, Gutierrez, HE-Arc, English proof reading
    • Oulevay, Noémie, Contreforme SA, Proceeding editorial design
    • Senn, Julien, HE-Arc, in charge of Administration