Last Conference

GSGS 2017 was held in Neuchâtel, on June 30 & July 1, as part of the Imaging the Futur (NIFFF) symposium,

GSGS´17 speeches

Important note: speeches of GSGS can be presented in English, French or German, they are simultaneously translated during the event. However, all posters, speech slides, and short papers must be in English.

Download program (pdf)

    • GSGS´17 intro speech, Stephane Gobron, “Reinforcing the difference between simulation, gamification, and serious game”, PDF

Session #1, HEALTH

Vera Bustomante, “Health session chair introduction”

    • Speech #1.1, Thomas Strgar, “Touchless medical images interaction in surgery”,PDF
    • Speech #1.2, Bastien Presset, “Aristotle was right: an app for learning while moving”,PDF
    • Speech #1.3, Sylvain Cardin, “MindMotion GO”,PDF
    • Speech #1.4, Adam Lobel, “Designing and utilizing biofeedback games for emotion regulation: The case of Nevermind”,PDF
    • Roundtable #1, All health & training sessions speakers and chairs, “Impact of the serious games’ technologies on gamer’s health”,

Session #2, Training

Sandy Ingram, “Training” session chair introduction

    • Speech #2.5, Maria Sisto, “A first step towards SG for MSD prevention – Focus on environment transitions”,PDF
    • Speech #2.6, Willi Bernhard, “Collaborative Gamebooks for education & training”,PDF
    • Speech #2.7, Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken, “Plunder Planet – A dynamically adaptive Fitness Game Environment for Children and Young Adolescents”,PDF
    • Speech #2.8, Sidney Bovet, “Ensuring Self-Haptic Consistency for Immersive Amplified Embodiment”,PDF
    • Roundtable #2, All health & training sessions speakers and chairs, “Gamification in employee training: a nice-to-have or much more?”,

Session #3, Business expertise

Invited interactive talk #1, Björn Berg Marklun, “From Educational Revolution to Niche Market; barriers between games and formal education”,PDF

Shaban Shaame, “Business Expertise” session chair introduction

    • Speech #3.9, Valérie Pierrehumbert, “Deadline”,PDF
    • Speech #3.10, Joris Beerda, “Gamification to battle the Crisis of Engagement”,PDF
    • Speech #3.11, Philomena Schwab, “How to build up a game studio around an educational game prototype”,PDF
    • Speech #3.12, Olivier Reutenauer, “Case studies: from analysis of customer needs to solutions in the serious game”,PDF
    • Roundtable #3, All business & social sessions speakers and chairs, “Hybrid – VIRTUAL & PHYSICAL – games”,
  • Session #4, Social

    Jean-Pierre Tabin, “Social” session chair introduction

      • Speech #4.13, Francesco Termine, “StoriaBox – Gamification to Serious Game, the way to go ?”,PDF
      • Speech #4.14, Stefano Carrino, “A mobile serious game fostering healthy eating habits”,PDF
      • Speech #4.15, Julien Schekter, “Datak : Months of investigation in a Serious Game to raise awareness of the implications of Big Data”,PDF
      • Speech #4.16, Quinche Florence, “Creating pedagogical scenarios to integer video games into the education”,PDF
      • Roundtable #4, All business & social sessions speakers and chairs, “The effects of serious games on social change”,

Session #5, Student

Invited interactive talk #2, Rubén Riestra, “RAGE: Advanced technology and know-how for Serious Games studios”,PDF

Stefano Carrino, “Student” session chair introduction
    • Speech #5.17, Jessica Friedling, “Penultimo”,PDF
    • Speech #5.18, Patrick Arthur Donaldson, “Massive, a game of four forces”,PDF
    • Speech #5.19, Stéphane Gobron, “Serious games to practice conceptualization and object conception with children”,PDF
    • Speech #5.20, Gaétan Séchaud, “Rehabilitation by mirror therapy through virtual reality games in symbiosis with a robotic device”,PDF
    • Roundtable #5, All special student & education sessions speakers & chairs, “Gamification & SGs – Role & impact on Swiss Universities”,

Session #6, Education

Florence Quinche, “Education” session chair introduction
    • Speech #6.21, Antoine Widmer, “Adventures-mat, a new concept of serious game using Augmented Real”,PDF
    • Speech #6.22, James Wootton, “Decodoku: Gaming for Science”,PDF
    • Speech #6.23, Denise Sutter Widmer, “Motivated to learn algebra in a serious game?”,PDF
    • Speech #6.24, Ludovic Favre, “Les motivations des enseignants à intégrer les jeux vidéo en classe.”,PDF
    • Roundtable #6, All special student & education sessions speakers & chairs,”How can SGs contribute to renew educational approaches?”,

Session #7, Politics, Ecology & Economy

Invited interactive talk #3, Pierre Bratschi, “Science and video game, hand in hand”,PDF

Philomena Schwab, “Politics, Ecology & Economy” session chair introduction
    • Speech #7.25, Andres Perez-Uribe, “Forest Defenders: Have fun while fighting deforestation”,PDF
    • Speech #7.26, Gérald Chambon, “Smart2fry : a double eco-project”,PDF
    • Speech #7.27, Vincent Bourquin, “From the students contests to efficient R&D to create innovation”,PDF
    • Roundtable #7, All ECO. & Art and cultural inheritance speakers & chairs, “Ethics and paying the bills”,

Session #8, Art & Cultural Inheritance

Gordan Savicic, “Art & Cultural Inheritance” session chair introduction
    • Speech #8.28, Christophe Bolinhas, “Discovering the history of Saint Ursanne”,PDF
    • Speech #8.29, Mela Kocher, “Design Challenges of the Serious Urban Game “Stair Quest: Free the Spirit Dragon!”,PDF
    • Speech #8.30, Michelle Widmer, “DART 17”,PDF
    • Speech #8.31, Rémi Schaffter, “Création d’un jeu vidéo pour enseigner l’histoire”,PDF
    • Roundtable #8, All ECO. & Art and cultural inheritance speakers & chairs, “How do we interact with data-driven places and stories?”

GSGS’17 Award Winners

  • Best student contribution
    • Patrick Donaldson | HEAD, HES-SO | “Massive”
  • Best GSGS’17 contribution
    • Adam Lobel | SCAS, University of Geneva | “Nevermind”
  • Best GSGS’17 demo
    • Valérie Pierrehumbert | HEAD, HES-SO | “Deadline”


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